Is cannabis okay with alcoholic cirrhosis? Sometimes I feel like it helps me

Chronic Liver Disease & Cirrhosis

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  • Sparklelover


    Yes cannabis helps trust me

  • JaxxVerax


    Absolutely, in many ways and there are others more recent studies that say yes definitively. I’ll try to find it . For now, this is plenty. I’m in a legal state, however disability, mEdicaid etc have not caught up here. Though my Dr may agree with that course of treatment, it is still a disqualifying factor for me. For now. In other states with more medical history with cannabis, it’s a non issue. My Cali friends don’t understand that!!! ()

    • kelzend


      what state would disqualify for pot? I'm in Colorado and it's OK here. 😊

      • JaxxVerax


        I’m in Fl. It is a newer thing here and regulations are a mess. It’s not so much the government side of things. It’s the state has turned down additional Medicaid dollars, and third party Ins providers are the middle men. They want to save money. Until there is established federal law they can decide. If I was denied anything ( like Hep c treatment eg) due to thc, it would be treated as non compliance and possibly disqualifying. I can’t risk that yet. My med team is fine, feds likely wouldn’t care but a denial for that would be the same as alcohol if they still use their old outdated thinking, nit based in medical science that clearly indicates the value. It’s just better to give money for narcotics to Purdue. In this system. The black market thrives in a legal state and those idiots lose taxes… Cali and Colo, Paciific NW ? No issues. They’ve worked most of that out.

  • Lucy.Fur


    It helps me a lot and my doctor says it is completely safe. Idk what I'd do without my medical marijuana, especially since I have chronic back and leg pain from a past assault. It helps with my pain and my anxiety/PTSD

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