I honestly just need to put this somewhere to make it stop bouncing around in my head. My mom called today to tell me her neighbor was dtf and she was having a hard time seeing why not to cheat again. I ended up with a lot of trauma from her affairs and how people reacted to me for her mistakes so I hung up as soon as I could and had a panic attack outside on my porch with 2 of my closest people. It's so hard to feel like you've gotten control and it's completely ripped from under your feet

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • DingusBingus


    Her actions don't reflect on you and I think its kind of screwed up of her to call you and tell you that. Like why get you involved when she knows this will hurt you?

  • Marrow


    I agree w dingusbingus about it being kinda screwed up that she got you involved when clearly that has been harmful in the past. Also I don’t know of any mum’s who ask their kids about fucking, like, that is definitely some big lack of boundaries on her part. I’m sorry, that’s really shitty

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