I'm constantly stressed and I can't sleep, I never know what's going on or what to do, I can't get a hold of myself.
I'm sick and tired of trying to help people when they are upset when I'm dying inside. I can't understand my own thoughts, my voice in my brain is shouting out nonsense. I stay up all night trying to figure out what the heck I am while also eating candy and getting angry for no reason. My anger is out of control, I can't do anything to help me get over my anger except wait and wait and wait until I stop caring about everything. I just can't anymore

Behavioral and Emotional disorders with onset usually occurring in childhood and adolescence

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Irritability and Anger

Gender Dysphoria

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  • Eren2273


    You should stop trying to help other people if it's stressing you out more. There's no rush to figure out what you are, if anything. You have all the time you need. Writing down your thoughts might help you understand them, and you could try some coping mechanisms like tearing up paper for your anger. I know a lot of coping mechanisms for things and I'm a great listener so feel free to message me if you need help or someone to talk to :)

  • pink_milk


    Hey this sounds very similar to me a couple years ago. I would get angry for no see in reason and I ate a lot of candy as well haha. Also, I hated always helping people around me while I was hurting and it felt like no one else understood me and how I was feeling. Something that really helped me was running. It was a way to blow off steam while also reduce stress. I also enjoyed the nice views as I was going around either a running path or a neighbourhood. It was really freeing:) feel free to message me more if you’d like to talk about anything!

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