I just found out my iron levels are really low. My doctor recommends an iron supplement. Between my multi vitamin and my prenatal vitamin, I'm already consuming 200% of the daily recommended amount, before factoring in my diet. Is anyone else iron deficient despite consuming a lot of iron?

Iron Deficiency Anemia

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  • Eggler


    You need to address why your body isn't absorbing the iron, first. It could be diet related (gluten, tea, soy, etc) or unaddressed health issues, like celiac or endo. Could also be that your body absorbs iron better through food. Iron supplements also work better on an empty stomach. I've been on supplements on and off for years, but changing my diet, taking my supplements 4-5 hours after workouts, and taking vitamin C with food has been successful so far.

  • LucidDreamer505


    I cannot tolerate oral iron supplements and throw them up instantly. So I took multi vitamins with iron in them and ate iron rich foods and after months of my body still not obsorbing iron and my iron levels dropping lower and lower I talked with my doctor about getting iv iron treatments. He sent me to a hematologist and although the referal process took months I finally got in. They fit me in quickly and I ended up needing a few treatments but my iron levels have increased to a low normal which is amazing considering low low it was. They will do three month Checkups or as needed from here on out. I have PCOS and have heavy and long periods. They think that is the cause of my iron deficiency. I hope this helps some! It's definitely something to look into.

  • Belugabear


    If it’s not one of the many plausible things other people mentioned, it could also be the form of iron. I take a ferrochel supplement that helps me a lot more than a normal iron supplement. I have no idea what the difference is but it works for me! Might be worth considering

  • GreenFern


    Same, when I started taking iron supplements, one 200% tablet helped a lot. Despite that I kept going down and my doctor kept increasing the dose every year until I hit 1100% the daily value. I asked at that point if that could be getting too much and was referred for iv iron. Definitely works better but wears off for me after around a year unfortunately

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