I'm always constantly ignored when it comes to my identity, because that's not 'who they grew up with.' it's getting aggravating.

Gender Dysphoria

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  • Cloudlight


    That's awful. I fantasize about finally having a standoff where I ask my parents if they would rather have a child that feels loved or a daughter that isnt real, but I still can't even work up the nerve to come out to them. So first off, great job on being brave enough to come out! Regardless of the outcome, it's still incredibly hard to reach that level of confidence in your identity. Secondly, if they won't respect you as a person, you don't have to subject yourself to it any more than absolutely necessary. Join clubs or support groups, meet people who respect you, and remember that you deserve to be acknowledged as yourself as much as any cis personšŸ’•

  • dogdad13


    I have 2 siblings and when I came out I was lucky that they were very supportive. My parents, on the other hand, didn't talk to me for 2 days before they decided they didn't support me. It took a while, but once they saw that I'm happier now than I was they came around. They were just scared I was making a "choice" that I'd come to regret. Even after that, 2 years after I came out I had to take my dad to therapy with me to get him to come around. It takes time for people who've known you for a long time to get used to it, you're with yourself 24/7 so you're constantly getting used to your new pronouns, whereas with them it's something they only have to think about when they see you. That's not an excuse for them to ignore it, but I hope it helps soften the irritation

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