Are there certain diets or other lifestyle factors I should consider for Hashimotos?


Increased appetite

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  • roseyy


    You should talk to your doctor about trying the AIP diet. In addition, try to avoid stress, as it causes inflammation. I thought Hashimoto's: Taming the Beast was a good book.

  • Zellie


    There's diet for Hashimotto's

  • potsprincess


    AIP, do an anti inflammatory diet. Finding out if you have food sensitivities is also really helpful because food sensitivities cause inflammation. I took an at home food sensitivity test. Its not fda approved or 100% accurate but it can help you to know what foods you should eliminate and then slowly introduce. I found the test to be very accurate when I reintroduced those foods.

  • Laura796


    I did a at home food sensitivity test too- found some interesting things on there! (Who knew you could have a sensitivity to chicken 😭) and avoiding Gluten helps me. My GHP wanted me to go vegetarian.. but I cant do it.. I love meat!

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