I just broke up with my boyfriend, ut was both of us who said it but I never wanted to. if that makes sense. but I've been very selfish but very understanding with him, before we broke up, we took a break I was trying to me the relationship better. until I was happy enough to say hi to him but he was disappointed in me, recently I asked him if it's possible we could be together when we're older (he lives 4,000 miles away which makes it unbelievable hard) I've never felt such a heart break I've been crying for days. just thinking about rhe pretty words he's told me makes me cry so hard I can't see a damn thing. it hurts to much. idk what to do anymore.

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

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  • ilovemyboyfriend


    And to add more, I really regret my name on here, I made this when we were together, this happened 2 days ago. I can't handle this life anymore

  • Cheyennecurtis2


    I know you're going through a lot but this might help you my boyfriend broke up with me and I cried for 2 weeks straight up no sleep no nothing

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