why am I constantly getting a fluttering/gurgling in my chest? been to the ER 4 times this month and all tests (blood, ecg,ekg,echo) all come back normal.. I feel like I am suffocating and feel like passing out. what is wrong with me?


Aortic Aneurysm


Chronic or Recurrent Palpitations




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  • Servivor


    Hi Larrysie, my name is Kenny, no joke.. I'm 52 and had a very long history of these same things.. First of all, try cutting out any caffeine drinks, chocolates or anything that might 🤔 be causing it. Drink water throughout your day, give it about 4 or 5 days, see if that helps. Don't smoke or vape either. Ask your Dr. For a ultra sound on your heart and upper and lower Aorta. They'll know what that is. Its eady and no prepping for it. I don't want to scare you, I survived a aortic aneurysm with complete repair and a cow valve replacement. Everyone has heart skipped beats, but us lucky ones, haha, feel them. Your ok, just try the suggestion i gave you. God bless. Please let me know if it helped.

    • MetricGeese


      did your history with palpitations relate to your aortic aneurism?

      • Servivor


        yes, well sort-of, it was family history of heart problems then it weakened the aorta walls overtime.

  • larrysie


    I don't drink anything with caffeine, I don't eat chocolate, 100% straight edge.. Have every test done and all comes back normal

  • MetricGeese


    Hey Larrysie, I get the same thing sometimes and had every test and it all came back normal and everyone brushed it off as anxiety. I started noticing them a few years ago and they made me anxious, and little did I know anxiety made them a lot worse, that palpitating heart stop feeling. After getting over all the anxiety though I find regular exercise, no booze and being careful what I eat helps a lot with them. I’m still curious as to what it might be

  • butterflylov3r1233


    i would get tested for POTS! it can’t be found with routine labs from the ER. you’ll need to see a cardiologist and get a tilt table test. i highly recommend bc the same thing was happening to me until i got diagnosed! sending you luck with your journey ❤️

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