How do you know you have it, not just because everyone says you do? How do you get past feeling like it's faking if you want to admit it.

Anorexia Nervosa

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  • LinguacoTaco


    If your trouble with eating causes you stress/anxiety, if it takes up a significant part of your daily life and mental processes, if these behaviors are difficult to change, know that you’re not faking. Admitting that there’s an issue is the first step towards getting better. I would honestly recommend talking with one of your healthcare providers about it, and they could refer out if necessary.

  • lovingluna


    eating disorders are very sneaky and tend to bring up the ‘faking it’ point. why would you fake something that is hurting you?

  • WhatIsMyBodyDoing


    I heard this from my therapist a few days ago and it really helped me “if your faking it (for attention) then why aren’t you telling everyone you can?”

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