how did you get your diagnosis?

i have chronic pain (no official diagnosis) and its likely that i have fibromyalgia, as do most of my family members. my doctors have done 1 test and it was for arthritis. i am not very healthy and i realise that but its very annoying for doctors to constantly put it off as me being inaffective or overweight

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  • BakedGoods


    I have been diagnosed with multiple conditions that cause pain. It's pain that happens frequently that defines it as chronic

  • Emo_Enby_99


    I get that. I've been shoved off for being over 280lbs at 5'9" told that my poison is from my own of self care

  • wish_i_was_debonair


    Yeah same problem for me I am 5’5 and 200 pounds and my fibro was just pushed off as both growing pains and me just being overweight. I also have Crohn’s that causes pain and it took about 6 years of symptoms to get diagnosed. You need to fight for your diagnoses sometimes and be what some doctors might think is a pain in the ass, but for you it could lead to some pain relief and I think it’s worth pissing a few people off to feel better. Good luck💕

  • castiel


    In case anyone wants to know, I still have no official diagnosis but my doctor said I am hypermobile and if physical therapy doesn’t help me then I’ll be identified as a person with fibromyalgia

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