hi I've been suffering from migraines since 12 years old. I've only been on one type of medication for it and can't seem to get my doctor's to take me seriously when I tell them that it isn't working. what can I do to get them to understand?


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  • Grace87


    🙏i really understand

  • Magpi


    First tell them in concrete ways how it's Impacting your life "I miss X amount of work/school because of the migraines" or "I can't drive because if I get a migraine behind the wheel I would crash." Or "I spend x amount of time a week stuck in bed with a migraine." Whatever it is. Then if they still will not help you, Get a new doctor.

  • Evee.C


    I’ve tried a couple different meds and most just made me more nauseous… I’m so sorry that you are feeling unseen in your treatment. I would explain the severity of how impacts your life. Send love honey bug

    • Samanthaelise


      I'm starting to think the medicine I'm on now is making mine occur more often.

      • Pushky


        what medication are you on?

  • MaeBea


    Back when I kept getting brushed off by a neurologist, I started keeping a paper but now i would define reccomend the migraine buddy app! It helps keep track of the number of migraines, ways it affected you, "missed" or limited days, days of medication taken, etc, and has been a huge help for me in being taken seriously!

    • GingerGirl


      I use Migraine Buddy, too. I big help in seeing trends.

  • Samanthaelise


    I also use the migraine buddy app and have for a couple of years. I've showed my doctor's but they just brush me off. It's like if they don't experience them they don't care. I'm switching doctors in July so hopefully I'll get referred to a new neurologist.



    My daughter was getting hers because she had inflammation in her body. When I found an anti inflammatory vitamins that help relieve inflammation in your her body, her migraines went away. It’s been awesome for her.

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