I hadn't had my period for about a year and then I got it on and off for like 4 days. Is this normal for PCOS lmao

Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)

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  • Aesha


    Yes, irregular menstrual cycles are a symptom of PCOS. With PCOS you don’t ovulate regularly causing missed periods. Painful periods are another side effect but birth control can help with that.

  • MexicanToasty


    Once I went a year without it. Another time it was 9 months. My GYN prescribed Progesterone pills to help get it started going again when that happens. Though I changed my diet and became more active and haven’t had that issue since or tried the pills.

  • Anxiousbutterfly27


    Yeah It’s normal, mine was all sorts of crazy before I was on birth control. If you’re on one already or you haven’t been I would ask your doctor about it. I’ve tried 3 until this one has made it sort of regular every 2 months.

  • AshGNC


    I would miss for a few months at a time Regularly. My period even lasted for 1 and a half months without stopping. After getting a birth control with estrogen balancers, it has since been regular now

  • MandazInTC


    Irregularities are totally normal. When I was younger, I decided to start birth control. I started on the lowest dose but worked with my doctor how often I would have an off week. At one point, it was monthly, other times it was every three months. Recently, I switched from pills to an IUD, and it has been good to me. I don't have to worry about remembering taking it, and over time I will be regular again.

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