Hi everyone, I'm new to this platform and figured it might help with some of the conditions I'm dealing with. For example, it's 4:15am and I have yet to sleep so far. I've taken my sleep meds (trazadone and amitriptyline), and followed the usual suggestions like having a dark, cool room, with no caffeine, chocolate, TV, etc. So the fact that even with all that I'm still only sleeping about 3-4 days per week at most can be frustrating. I've had 4 outpatient sleep studies, but were all inconclusive and I'm not covered for an inpatient study.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I'd be so appreciative! Even if someone has any ideas about what my diagnosis would be. Finally, I wanted to ask if anyone has been to sleep therapist and what was the experience like?

Thank you for reading and listening to me and I can't wait to hear back from you!


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  • hellafibrobefore


    I've been on trazadone- yuck- and nortryptiline-temporarily yea cause it make me fat-. I switched to free YouTube subliminals for insomnia and slept ten hours the first night. I play the night long ones on my phone. They are great. I also did a fear of the dark one due to PTSD. Hope this helps someone.

    • k8lynt


      interesting. I should look into these subliminal YouTube videos. I take Benadryl, lunesta, and gabapentin for sleep and I'm missing the lunesta and it's absolutely killing me!

      • hellafibrobefore


        you will love your life again It's just a form of hypnosis U can do keyword searches for the type of issue you have. It takes a few tries listening. I lost 26 pounds with the weight loss ones. Lol #freelifesavers

      • livvie361


        I feel you there, I've been needing vistaril, seroquel and ambien to sleep and I'm without the ambien

  • Arabelle


    Maybe try a sleep doctor. I'm on my way to see one next month.

  • saksgirl02


    I take my meds at 10 pm and sometimes sleep by 1am others 4am.

  • DeeDee123


    I haven't found anything that works for the insomnia either and I've been an insomniac since 2007. The only way I get good sleep is if I wear myslef out doing too much in a day. But sometimes that doesn't work well either. I'll end up waking up in 3 to 4 hours because of the pain from other health issues .

  • Latino


    I’m taking seroquel and it’s working for me

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