Taking a pregnancy test today. I'm literally on birth control, have been for almost 4 months, & always use a condom. However, my ocd & anxiety are like what if you are? Kinda scared, or really scared. Anxiety through the roof.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Wolffgirl


    The same happens to me a lot now. I started the depo shot in December.. And every few weeks, I panic since I don't have a cycle anymore.

  • mipastaessupasta


    Panic is normal, as long as you are being safe, there is no real worry. If you keep getting worked up, just stash a few pregnancy tests at home and take one when you feel really anxious. They'll most likely be negative, then you can calm down🤗

  • Alpine


    Was negative btw :) 🙌

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