Does anyone here have chronic pain with IBS?

Chronic Pain

Generalized pain

Chronic Pain

Chronic Generalized pain

Irritable bowel syndrome with mixed bowel habits (IBS-M)

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  • tiffnicole


    Yes all the time last night was one of the rough nights for me bad choices led to consequences that ended with me being in a lot of pain choosing the right foods are so crucial❤️

  • Overwhelmed


    I followed the FODMAP diet for a two weeks and found out that high fructose corn syrup and sucrose are my triggers for bloating and stomach discomfort. Any sugar will cause inflammation spike which in turn causes higher level pain in joints and muscles. Now, I’ll be honest it took me years to finally learn and accept these facts, and it’s helpful to know this stuff, but I’m struggling to give up sweets and fruits. Elimination diet is best way to determine if food is a trigger for your symptoms. Good luck!

  • Devon_Adele


    Yep definitely.

  • Morganamber96


    Unfortunately yes 😔

  • peachyqueen


    Yes chronic pain is the worst :( It can be really hard to keep going sometimes when it just feels like it’ll never get better.

  • peachyqueen


    Something that I’ve been looking into that could help with the chronic pain is an app like Nerva or Mahana IBS that focuses on the gut-brain connection. Learning about that could be a good way to help reduce your symptoms and pain!

  • Perky


    Yes I have stomach spasms along with cramping. Very painful. 😥

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