ughhh it's like 2am and i cant stop thinking about every bad memory and every embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me, how can i get my mind off stuff like this??

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • kimi


    That happens to me pretty often! I try my best to stimulate my mind with whatever I can. Tiktok or youtube till I eventually go to sleep. Or talking to someone as a distraction helps a lot too

  • moonbunnie


    my best advice is to distract yourself c: i like watching video essays on topics i’m interested on youtube or playing music that makes me feel happy

  • ScienceFungi


    I daydream on purpose (make up fake scenarios in my head). I strive to make my head a safe place for me. Pretend the memories are happening to a loved one, and be a voice of kindness. What would you say to someone who experienced what you experienced? Say those words to yourself. Hope this helps!

  • lily234


    Listen to a podcast of an audiobook to put you to sleep. You can listen to and focus on that instead of thoughts. Good luck 💕

  • wowwie


    thank you guys, this is actually very helpful

  • Chrysanthemumbee


    When it comes to embarrassing things, try to remember that you’re likely the only one remembering these things. People are mostly so concerned with their own lives that they forget about the little moments of other peoples lives. I will literally tell myself “No one else cares about this” when I get in a shame spiral.

  • Sally21


    That’s been happening to me too but lately I’ve been obsessing about all the mistakes I made and how I should of done things differently. I don’t know how to stop it. Buspar helps some but other than that I just try to distract myself and wait for the thoughts to pass.

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