Hey there! Have you been able to lessen the cognitive parts of Turner Syndrome?

Gonadal dysgenesis

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  • ButterflyGirl91


    I struggled on geometry because of both math and visual spatial problems. My work around is to practice the math skills I tend to use often. With visual spatial stuff I use the same routes to get places and rely on familiar landmarks to orient myself to where I am to where I want to go. Simple written directions work best and again, lots of practice to sharpen this skill.

  • yourekillingmesmalls


    For me, getting into rock climbing unintentionally improved my visual spatial skills! Visual spatial skills are a big part of climbing (having to read the route and plan your moves, noticing how your body moves in space) I used to be a really slow climber because I couldn't visually see my next move, but with a lot practice i got faster and i've noticed things like my depth perception/driving skills improve too

    • roseyy


      Interesting! And you seem to be pretty self aware knowing you noticed how you improved with your hobby.

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