I've been using freestyle lite 2 sensors for about a year now. for some reason this one change was really painful. I switched arms like I always do but the insertion of the needle when it first went in hurt like hell. normally to me at least they don't hurt at all. my arms been crazy sore and feels bruised. my boyfriends under the impression that I may have hit a vein in my arm. is that even possible? anyone else have this issue? debating on if I should remove it and just check my sugars manually for the rest of the week.

Diabetes Type 1 (T1D)

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  • semataryy


    that can def happen. i’ve gotten big bruises from sore sights like that. I don’t think u need to take it off unless ur in extreme pain

  • LaylaCallahan


    You have main nerves that run through the back of your arms (like your funny bone ) they run all the way down if you hit one or even get close it will cause your arms you be sore for a while

  • amberlee


    i had to switch because the sensors readings were So Off, by over 100 points, its always worth checking it with a freestyle meter, sucks they dont provide it or strips though :/

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