i currently have a dry throat but its not scratchy and i dont have a cough, i can just notice that it's dry. i was also recently exposed to covid from my triple vaccinated mother and im not sure if i got it from her (i am also fully vaccinated) because i have no other symptoms besides the mildly dry throat. i went to get tested the other day with my 18 year old brother but they wouldn't let me get tested without a legal guardian because I'm 17. my mom doesnt want to take me to get tested because the doesn't think i have it but i want to know for sure that i dont have it before i go back to school in a few days. any advice? im pretty worried


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  • wowwie


    my brother tested negative but a few days later i started feeling dizzy and it's been 2 days now

  • lily234


    Could be covid but there are a lot of winter things going around now... For example, my brother got sick recently and even though we're all fully vaxxed we freaked out thinking maybe it's covid. Turns out it was strep and he got medicine for it. If it would help with peace of mind to get tested then definitely go for it. I would want to make sure I wasn't putting anyone else at risk either. Not sure what it's like where you live but by me covid tests are free and all over and anyone can just go and be tested. Best of luck and hope you feel better soon 💕

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