Does anyone know of a good anti anxiety medication that is not a benzo or anti depressant?


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  • emrg0310


    I've heard good things about propranolol and hydroxyzine but never used either myself.

  • somanyissues


    I take hydroxyzine and it is the only thing that works for me. I can take it up to 3 times a day as needed. At first I was on Lexapro it didn't do anything I felt anyways.

  • ZanderHeals


    Personally, I take Buspar which is for anxiety solely and not and antidepressant. After about a month of taking it, my anxiety gradually lifted. As long as I take my meds as prescribed at the same time everyday, I feel pretty level throughout. Also, counseling and therapy helped me a lot which tools to battle my anxiety. Sometimes, medication just doesn't work for some people. So, you might have to take some time to leane tools to manage your anxiety un-medicated. Hope this helps!

  • Sheeba


    Buspar, hydroxyzine, gabapentin, Zyprexa has an off label use for anxiety (have used it) lamictal is a good mood stabilizer don't know if you can use it for anxiety, Effexor can be used for anxiety (have used it).

  • SkylerBoByler


    Hydroxizine pamoate! Works in 20 minutes if you get the capsules.

  • SkylerBoByler


    By the by, effexor is an antidepressant. Pristiq and effexor are in the same family. If your anxiety is caused by toxic shame, those are your guys. Just keep in mind you may feel less remorse on them. I still can't feel as embarrassed as I could before these meds, but that could be for a lot of reasons. Do NOT drink on welbutrin! That makes the anxiety worse!

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