Those with fibromyalgia. I'm scared I'm getting a flare or my pain is just coming back? I've been feeling good for a few months now. then I lift someone the wrong way and have nerve pain in both arms and my knee hurts. wtf.
I'm scared I'm going to be like this again.
what can I do it make it better faster

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  • Michellebd1980


    I wish I had a good answer for you. Sometimes flares just show up out of nowhere. From what my doctors tell me, light exercise helps alleviate pain. I hope that helps. Walking, yoga or pilates.

    • Chesbro99


      yeah I feel a little better moving, well depends on what I'm moving. I wish there was magic

      • Michellebd1980


        the same thing happens to me.

  • skooshy


    I take pregabalin and it seems to help me with fibromyalgia. I know it doesn't all people. I can tell when I miss a dose because my body becomes overly sensitive to anything touching to where it is actually painful. I recently had my dr up my dose because I was feeling that way with medication. Waking up with all over body pain. I am really thankful that the increase in dose worked. Wishing you the best!

  • Mel9515


    yeah I am at the point of flares every week twice a week. During a flare I just lightly laying down stretches (non stressful stretches/ easy flowing) and take up some fibromyalgia yoga. I watch videos on YouTube for that information but It does help and I am sore and achy but not tense. I feel loosened up but not to much and non flare days just regular fibro days; I still stretch but a little heavier. and I stand lay sit throughout the day. Just get a stretch in for when I feel tense bc If I don't I realize my flares come on faster.

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