im so tired of my parents constantly lying to me even with the simplest things like for example jackass sex toy my mother married told me he took out my dog and their dogs before they got me. that was before 8pm great awesome right I dont have to take them out. boy I was wrong I come home about to eat the dinner my mother made to find out my dog pissed her crate by her jumping on me and getting piss from her paws all over my work uniform so now im annoyed as im cleaning my dogs crate their dog piss his crate ya right taken out my butt

Generalized pain


Attention-Deficit Disorder

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Kade229


    I wonder why parents lie to their children? My mother is constantly telling me lies and I absolutely hate it so, I understand the feeling

    • shimba


      i took them out then they both pooped on top of it and I told my mom your lying to me cause no way they need to pee and poop within 20 mins of getting me

  • Sarahjean


    😥 I’m so sorry. I can totally understand the the frustration. It’s not fair when we have to be more responsible then them

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