I was recently diagnosed with stenosis. what are my options for treatment?

Spinal Stenosis

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  • sagekit


    I was diagnosed with stenosis in my L4 and L5 vertebrae about a year ago. Mine is mild enough that my doctor's think that physical therapy and chiropractic are appropriate treatments for me. I know there are many different options though cortisol injections can help, there are also several different types of surgery if your condition is severe enough that it's worth the risk. Talk to your medical care professionals and ask them to give you information on what treatments they know of, and don't be afraid to go do your own research on treatments and then ask your dr about them.

  • Butterfly9937


    Physical therapy, medication, injections. I can’t think of any other treatment but I’m sure there are more. I’ve had the spinal cord stimulator placed. It has been a lifesaver!!!

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