I am so depressed because of my condition I feel so unable to do even the simplest tasks. Everyday. It makes it so hard to be alive. My body just wants to sleep and my brain wants to function. This war is exhausting how do people not give up.

Fibromyalgia (FM)


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  • Snoose


    I feel you. Chronic insomniac here. My brain wants to party and my body is exhausted. You’re not alone.

  • BabyPlimbo


    I'm not going to lie, I feel like that everyday, especially when it comes to talking to family and stuff. Your best bet is to go small! Then slowly add on things at your own pace. One day, a goal is to read something. Next day, draw. Next day, both! Either way, they're small and they're not being judged.

  • SlothMomma94


    I've been having this same issue and it doesn't help when family members make comments about me needing to do more or try harder.. I try my best. It's hard but pushing on and survival is my main goal and I try to keep in mind I have my son and he needs me

  • SecondChance


    Eating healthy can help

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