Hello, lately it feels like after I eat my food just sits on the top of my stomach and doesn't digest. Also, my heartburn is to the roof in pain. My tummy is swollen and gurgles when I move or breathe. Yuck and ouch!

Edema and Anasarca


Generalized pain

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)

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  • LadyTauriel


    Ugh. I understand that feeling. Currently battling it at 4am. I hope yours eases up soon!

  • Minniemadge


    I have cut out gluten and my stomach is much better. It took a few weeks, but the difference is worth it. I always thought I had a dairy problem. It was the gluten the whole time. I still don’t drink milk or eat ice cream in large quantities, though.

  • coolsciencechic


    I take omeprazole at night. Also, go gluten will change your life!

  • Anigma


    Diet is so important! For me and I am going to try natural herb for leaky gut hope it help will tell how it goes

  • Rowboat


    Try to drink a warm beverage and go for a walk to help with the digestion.

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