Hello! I thought I'd give this app a shot. I'm not doing too good right now, in general. I'm not in any immediate danger, don't worry! I'm hoping to meet people like me and learn and grow through other people's experiences and hopefully help others as well.

I'm feeling lost in life right now, sort of like floating, not sure if that makes sense. It's sort of like feeling nothing, but the nothing hurts. I've always been like this, depressed I mean, but recently I've experienced a lot of loss and it's become impossible to deal with. I'm already in therapy, and its going great! So, this is sort of supplemental to that, if that makes sense.


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  • Snowdrift


    Hello. It wasn't until recently when I finally found out I suffer from much more than just depression that I have gotten better. You're not alone and I will be a listening ear if you need to vent.

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