I'm looking into a AFRID diagnosis after talking to my dietitian and reviewing the diagnosis criteria. that's not where I'm struggling, yet. I live at home with my dad and I've been trying to get him to understand this diagnosis that I'm seeking. He does NOT understand at all and even when I try to set boundaries to stop him from triggering it he doesnt stop. (he makes "jokes" about putting things in my food without my knowledge) I just don't know what to do to get him to listen to me. what's worked for you? any help is better then none right now

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  • UnluckyUnicorn


    Honestly my parents were the same way and I found it not worth the energy anymore so I left. I would say to keep setting and maintaining your boundaries as best as you can. Sometimes they never understand and it’s really painful. You’re not alone. Be firm with him and maybe add consequences if you can (he does x then y happens, like you don’t do something with him after he’s pushed a boundary or made a hurtful “joke” so he soon learns that behaviour makes him alone). I wish you the best and sorry I can’t be of more help ❤️

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