does anyone have advice for managing pmdd/getting rid of periods safely? my periods have always been horrible ever since I started getting them at age 12. I'm almost 18 now and my pmdd and periods in general are horrible. I experience worsening of my mental illness for 10 ish days before my period and my period itself is usually almost 10 days, so more than half my life is spent in an even worse state than I usually am. this includes suicidal ideation, self isolation, worsening depression, constant panic attacks, sometimes multiple in an hour, overall worsening of anxiety, horrible cramps, backaches, headaches, weakness, dizziness, and an extreme worsening of my usual digestive symptoms. I've been told it's likely I have PCOS or endo but I'm not sure. I was on hormonal birth control for a long time and it worked for the most part to stop my periods from happening entirely which is ideal for me, but every 3 months they would show up anyway and it would just be continuous light bleeding forever until I took a break from the pill which was pretty sucky. I once had light bleeding for 60 days straight. one time I was on break from the pill I just couldn't go back on it b/c when I tried it made me too nauseous to cope with. I've tried the IUD which was incredibly traumatic and a complete disaster, and the patch which didn't really stick and made me incredibly ill. I've been trying the minipill which hasn't made me nauseous again but didn't work to stop my period at all, and my pmdd and symptoms have been awful. especially the anxiety and depression has been much worse than usual. please help, my periods are so so disruptive to my daily life and are so distressing that I constantly wish I could just get a hysterectomy, lol. if anyone knows of a way to stop nausea on estradiol that would be super helpful, but anything to decrease symptoms of pmdd or length of period would be great too.

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