i had covid in November of 2020, and since then my fibromyalgia and IBS has gotten worse. both my neurologist and GP have told me that its most likely long term effects of covid, since ive had several tests checking for other serious issues. has anyone else experienced a general worsening of chronic illness symptoms since getting covid?


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  • rne


    hey! i too have had covid (3 times to be exact lol) I had no pre-existing conditions or illness before my first bout with covid. i was a healthy runner, then i wasn’t. now i have multiple chronic illnesses including long covid, autonomic neuropathy, and chronic fatigue syndrome. there’s is still something missing because i’m still sick. covid really messed up my body and doctors are still in the unknown. it’s hard to get tests and a diagnosis when the doctors are learning as they go. that’s why the term “long covid” is so general and not very helpful to us. It can mean so many things

    • AMWes


      for sure! My neurologist checked for neuropathy/myopathy and the results came back normal. Like he said, putting long covid in a patients chart helps remind doctors to keep an eye out for seemingly sudden health issues.

    • Chippergirl


      did you notice any swollen lymph nodes?

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