I was surprised to not find Alice In Wonderland Syndrome (AWS) in the listing.
I can't remember so much of my childhood, but what I do remember from a young age is the feeling of changing in size and such. Doctors tell me that I have this condition, and I wonder if it's possibly tied to my dissociating. But I also wonder if it's my adhd. Does anyone else with dissociative disorders experience this? As a kid, it was terrifying, but now I'm used to it, can reason through it, usually lie down until it passes etc.

Other Specified Dissociative Disorder (OSDD)

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  • packersfan95


    YES! I listened to a podcast about this and it was so comforting to finally hear into words and explanations what I was always feeling as a kid! I hate the feeling it freaks me out so bad. I now know how to handle it but I still feel uncomfortable when it happens

    • packersfan95


      I also must add I haven’t been diagnosed with adhd or a dissociative disorder but I did have that feeling of just FEELING larger or smaller than my surroundings at times

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