hay can anyone tell me what is so important about these #in this order 19,9,7,8 I keep having them pop up in a dream idk what they stand for or what there meant to be

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • ChillaxinEskimo


    I did a small Google search and nothing came up. It's probably something specific to you

  • Stasia.ana


    Numerology/Arthimancy may give you some insight if you’re one to believe in divination. 7 suggests you may have a rich inner life, a mental strength and a strong mental power and it could also suggest you are dreaming about a past life. 8 suggests power and strength as well. Specifically in activities and that you should continue your path. 9 suggests idealism in morals like doing good by others, a white knight if you will. 19 doesn’t have a specific meaning however you can break it down by 1+9=10 and then 1+0=1 so then the 1 would suggest determination and independence especially in one’s work. So to make it sounds like you’re really hard working and you should keep up with what you’re trying to do for yourself and others. Hope that helps. It’s a really interesting topic to look into if you’re interest and if the very basic reading sounds similar to your situation, but also, as the other said above it could just be very personal to you such as a lock combination or a date.

    • blood_rose


      that is very interesting and yeah lol every keeps telling me to play the lottery lol 😂

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