Does it ever get easier with the medications. I have been having a lot of issues with my health lately. I'm not real sure what did what. I don't know if my mental health issues brought on the physical health issues or vice versa. But not finding the right concoctions that work for me. I'm pushed my husband away, not meaning to but it's happen an probably looking at a divorce soon.

Bipolar Disorder

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  • Peachez


    Hi 🤗 good morning 🌞 I'm here if you'll like to vent. I understand a lot about pushing people away. My bipolar is kinda under control right now I would say the meds I take really have been working. My anxiety is terrible 😔 I'm constantly nervous 😬

  • mrsking0322


    The meds do help once you have the right ones. Being in a relationship and having mental illness is always hard especially if the other person doesn't understand what you're going through

  • faerywyrm


    Hi. I am available for venting. I would suggest that the right med combination can help. I would avoid meds like lithium and latuda, as they have major drug interactions and side effects. I know I gained over 100 lbs with them, to little positive effect and horrible interactions. Keep all of your providers in the loop on your meds. As far as your relationship, I advise education together with your spouse. A good therapist can help with that, as well as good communication. Don't hesitate to talk out any issues with anyone you are comfortable communicating with. Take care.

  • Sweetpsycho


    Thank you all

  • mrsking0322


    I feel like the meds help but I still don't know if I feel normal or the equivalent of medication induced normality

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