Does anyone have experience with OCD/GAD and Abilify?


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  • littleone0503


    Hi! I'm diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder as well as bipolar type 2, ptsd, and adhd. I was on abilify for about a half a year in 2021. Each person has their own experiences with it but for me it made my anxiety worse and made the ptsd induced insomnia much worse. I was miserable the whole time I was on it, but when I got off I had a huge manic episode that sent me to the psychiatric hospital for the first time.

  • toebeabs


    I was also on abilify for a while for bipolar and OCD, honestly I feel like it did a pretty good job, I pretty much stopped experiencing my OCD symptoms but it did cause me to sleep less and less to the point where I stopped sleeping and I had a manic episode but then again it was the lowest dose, I stopped taking it midway through the manic episode and never took it again so maybe a higher dose would've done the trick 🤷‍♀️

  • AstraDragon


    I take Abilify for my PTSD. I will say it makes me very very sleepy but it does help me from having trauma attacks

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