Does anyone else have the issue of not being able to wake up after using melatonin? I have trouble falling asleep some nights so I take melatonin but then when I wake up I’m super exhausted and can barely keep my eyes open.


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  • SourLemons


    yeah... i get this every time i take melatonin. i have reservations about using melatonin to fall asleep sometimes because i know for a fact the next morning is going to be sluggish and difficult.

  • MaryC


    You might be taking it too late in the evening. Melatonin takes around 2 hours to really work. So, if you are going to bed at 10pm you should take melatonin around 8pm, no later than 9pm. My daughter is going through this right now as well. You just have to take a few nights & find the best time to take it for your body. Valerian root is a good alternative to melatonin.

    • Ender318


      I’ll try that, thanks!

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