Does anyone else get really bad stomach problems during stressful times (finals, breakups, etc)?
I get really bad acid reflux, a burning stomach sensations, fatigue, indigestion, and gas. I have taken omeprazole which helps a bit, but I am looking for a better solution.

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  • Codybear


    I have GERD and I just started taking Pepsid and it really seems to help. I do have a couple times where I burp acid but not as much

  • Dip


    I take pantrozole everyday and celexa an anxiety pill because I get Gerds acidy from stress it helps with burning in chest and throat 90% of the time.

  • lunarsh0rt


    during school, i usually end up taking pepcid every night before bed or i can’t sleep… (i have suspected GERD)

  • Silas.says


    My stomach acid is so strong that it tarnished a steel sink. So I feel you on when it gets really bad. I just tend to throw up when I'm too anxious

  • Scullyitsme


    For my gerd I take Dexalant. It’s a prescription med that’s a bit stronger than omeprazole. I also take famoditine, Carafate, and for nausea I take ondancetron and reglan. Hope you can talk to a gastroenterologist about your stomach soon. I was on omeprazole for years but my dose kept going up and my symptoms kept getting worse. So the Dexalant helps a lot.

  • Cam4767


    I have Crohn’s but my biggest, #1 stomach issues trigger is any type of anxiety - good and bad excitement. I’ll immediately get nauseous and/or make more frequent trips to the restroom. I’ve always been this way, not sure how to turn it off😅

  • twinkle4


    Yed i get IBS real bad

  • ClumsyWorm


    When my mom passed a few years ago, I had went through a few stress induced anxiety attacks because I was going through a lot of change in my life. My chest got tight and I felt lift I couldn't breathe.

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