Does anyone else feel so exhausted for what seems like absolutely no reason some days? I can't tell anymore if it's a heart symptom or it's a depression symptom. It's not every day, but some days I can barely get myself to get out of bed and stay awake all day.



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  • David1212


    Hi, I can tell you that with me during periods when depression takes over I am exhausted even from lying in bed all day, so I guess it might be related to depression. Are you under psychiatric supervision? Are you being treated for it? If not, I suggest you go to the doctor for an examination.

    • KittyMommy420


      I am not currently under psychiatric supervision. I actually spoke with my cardiologist this past week and she seems to think I may either have fibromyalgia or something going on neurologically (since my latest heart episode involved a seizure as well), I'm going back to my PCP to speak about the possibility of fibromyalgia while the cardiologist gets in the referral to neurology.

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