Does anyone else ever get that sense that something is wrong or that something is watching you/behind you? I keep getting this weird feeling that I'm not alone, and all along my spine feels stiff and cold, and I get shuddery. The feeling is accompanied by a weight in my gut and general anxiety, and it just hits me out of nowhere, seemingly for no reason. It's kind of scaring me.

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  • tinybagel


    This happens to me sometimes often out of nowhere and it’s almost always associated with a panic attack that I don’t even realize I’m having. The constant random paranoia of something negative watching and looming behind you. The physical symptoms you feel as soon as you notice which only make you even more anxious thinking something is wrong with you. It’s like when your body is fine but your brain interjects and tells you it’s not fine and that you should be panicking. In these times what helps me is I remind myself that it’s normal and okay to feel that way and it’ll pass. I also have PTSD. Your body can only produce so much adrenaline at a time so it’ll usually calm down after 15 minutes. Just try not to give in to the paranoia of being watched. I have to remind myself that statistically I’ve existed for 30 years and the probability of someone or thing watching you is damn near impossible. If I were in any actual danger it would’ve happened years ago. Find things that distract you and remind you that you are safe and focus on being in the present instead of in our own head. The irony is that the more we try to control it the more it controls us, the more we give up trying to control it, the more we realize we weren’t ever in any danger at all. I hope some of this is helpful. Sending all of the positive vibes 💙

    • kittycrime


      "The more we try to control it, the more it controls us" I didn't know I needed to hear that today, I appreciate your kind words and advice 💕 Thank you so much

    • Brobi1


      very good advice. Really enjoyed reading the compassion and empathy in your statements.

    • Kadair


      I agree with you on this! It happens to me all the time...and if I get to stressed it just adds to my anxiety, then I have a complete reboot! My body will go into lock mode so to say, muscles, joints, and I go unconscious! When I come out of it I am so confused and overwhelmed trying to figure out what I was doing before hand. It has gotten so bad lately that I have had 4 in the past two months. Which is unusual..when it use to happen maybe 1 or 2 times a year! But I have had a lot of stress since December. My doctor even gave me another anxiety med to try to prevent this...I only take it when my anxiety is feeling really high.

  • Snapcracklepop


    This happens to me too. Terrifying but it might be a “normal” anxiety thing

  • Bubbl3s


    Same, i didnt know it was an anxiety thing though, when im home i hide in my bed until it goes away.

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