Does anybody with BPD and Bipolar, PTSD, MDD, GAD struggle with relationships?

After my first break up of 2 years in 2019 I was heartbroken and cried a river for days at first.

I went back out there, trying to fill
the hole inside me. I had been cycling from atypical anorexia to binging and bulimia. I went to treatment-I lost count how many times. Did a bunch of things I regret doing and ended up in the hospital probably 3/4 of 2020.

In 2021, I didn’t really look for love. Here and there, not really looking many places.

March of 2022 I began to look for love again. But I keep breaking these relationships or sorta relationships I keep having. And it always ends with me breaking it off when I see things I consider red flags.

Does anybody else struggle with this? I know I can’t be the only one.

I’m talking to a guy now and I just really hope we work out. I think if this doesn’t work out with him I may stop looking for a while.

Anyway, feel free to give your two cents-advice-etc. It is welcomed.


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