So I just got diagnosed four days ago with narcolepsy but it's been highly suspected since the start of this year. However my narcolepsy hit me like an absolute bus, it started with me getting more and more tired every day since September. Now I'm barely awake at all I can't drive anymore I barely can work. I know these depressive episodes are super common when getting a diagnosis like this but idk I feel like such shit lately. The worst part is that whenever I try to talk about it everyone just says there's medicine they can put you on and you'll be fine. But the medicine doesn't seem to fix it from what I'm reading it only tends to help ( Sometimes not at all). I know a lot of people can live a normal life with narcolepsy but right now it's hard to feel or see if I am one of those people. Like I just feel helpless and so stressed from trying to stay awake long enough to work I can't even get through a three hour shift without almost falling from how exhausted my body is from trying to stay awake.

Cataplexy & Narcolepsy

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