Hi, Just joined. struggling to stay motivated/not give up on goals. I have been trying to lose weight for a while, 2 years ago I lost 30 pounds but then when my depression kicked in again, I gained back all that and an additional 10. I also have been struggling with my daily tasks-ive been relatively a good student, with a A average, but this last semester I got two Ds. just trying to be motivated again

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • SashaLee


    I know it's hard to stay positive especially when your overall mood is stressful. Remember take a break and Remember how far you gotten and what got you this far. You got this..don't give up.

  • k_k


    I find it super helpful to change up my routine/ setting (changing up my bedroom design, changing my hair color, starting a new exercise routine, starting a new organizational routine, etc). Usually the change seems to make me feel more motivated to change other parts of my life, like my schoolwork, and I feel more positive in general. You got this!!

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