y'all I'm really struggling right now. I have ADHD and the rejection sensitivity and depression and the depression is kicking my ass right now. I'm ready for everything to stop hurting so much and I hate that I can't talk to anyone about any of my issues because it's too much for everyone. I'm sick of it, it hurts, and I hate being so damn alone. I have therapy on Friday so I just have to make it a few more days until I can talk to Sean. I'm just so done. why can't I be normal? why can't I have normal issues? why am I too much? why? any words of encouragement would be appreciated, I'm not okay... thank you...


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  • Bmanlittle


    You are normal, everybody goes through some tough times, whether that's depression, anxiety, self-hurt or what have you. The painful thing of that though is it's different for everyone and if someone doesn't understand it they usually don't help too much. I get the alone part, my advice is to do things that either are new and exciting or a little nerve-racking as goals, once you start to do them things start to open up a little. Also, you are special! Don't let your negative thoughts drag you down, it may seem so dark and hopeless, but you are stronger than what brings you down and once that sunshine comes up you will blossom into that beautiful flower that you are! Stay strong and please love yourself, this world needs more amazing people!

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