does anyone else have a had time focusing while driving??? or driving in general? I just got my permit and I did great in drivers ed but horrible just wiht my family

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Jello222


    Dude yes it’s terrible I’m always anxious while driving yet I’m terrible at focusing on my surroundings

  • Alli_Apple


    It’s so bad for me that I am horrified to drive, frankly. I did all the things to get my license as soon as I was able at 17 because my parents wanted me to, but I’ve only driven a handful of times since then… None of those within the past like, two years even? I’m 22 now. 😅 I feel like I want to be able to just because of the convenience but I feel like I can never grow out of my fear of it and lack of grasping aspects of it fully - It seems like everyone just instinctively sees and looks for all these things on the road that I don’t!

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