I have had a level 9 migraine since Sunday. it's killing me. I've been in pain or taking medical marijuana to sleep since then. today it seems to be down to a 7. I'm on Fiorinol but I don't get many a month so I've saved up my last 2 for today. I woke up around 1:25am and haven't been able to go back to sleep. What do you do to deal with excruciating chronic migraines, I'm also taking Aimovig 140mg. I get the worst migraines from unexpected stress and weather

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  • passionate


    I have these too I take a promethazine with the pain medicine and lay down with a peppermint in my mouth and cold rag on my head in a cold dark room .

  • Sunshine_Sue


    Hi, I use Maxalt for a rescue migraine medicine. The kind that dissolves under my tongue. I am on Amovig too!

  • ErnJen


    I used to take Maxalt it stopped working for me. I take Razatritptan now which still not much help after the vomiting starts i smoke thc as well and sleep.

  • hoppingspark12


    I just went through a 5 day headache it was awful but now I'm getting sharp stabbing pains in my head and a head rush when I stand.

  • historychick


    Try and see if you can get on emgality!! it’s saved my life

  • JackieSue


    You can try medical marijuana, botox, ajovy, toradol, imitrex, ketamine nasal spray, nerve blocks and trigger point injections

    • Missa526


      I use medical marijuana, CBD, I did botox for a long time which helped the most but I started having severe muscle weakness in my neck so now I'm on Aimovig 140mg a month. I had a stroke so I can't take any of the typical migraine meds.but I will look into the nerve block and trigger point injections. Thank you so much !

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