An interesting thing about being a transgender man and taking testosterone, is that you may develop tics afterwards. I had a tic onset shortly after starting t, and talking to my provider they did say that is a thing that can happen.
Tics can develop in afab bodies that have low estrogen. It's a very common cause for tics in females.
I'm now on Abilify which has helped control my tics. I only get them now when my body is experiencing drastic sensory changes.
Just thought I'd share that experience! This is not way meant to scare anyone from taking hormones.

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  • PupMicah


    I'd link an article but you have to pay to read the full thing. It basically mentions that data has shown a connection between the two, but it hasn't been studied directly. My doctor did say that it is a possible cause for the onset, though, and they'd know more about it than I would.

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