So this might be TMI but I have a really small lump on the side of my virginia or inner thigh. It started my looking like a normal pimple. When I tried to pop it was very watery and off white yellow color. However it did make it flat until the next day. Now it's like the size of a raisin and has no white head. I can feel some things hard but squishy in it. Has anyone ever had anything like this before?


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  • noodlesfordays


    I had something similar in my armpit a few years back I'm not sure but it sounds like an abscess

  • Belugabear


    I’m sure you know this but definitely go to your doctor! I’ve had friends with similar things and it was always fine but maybe they can drain it and they can at least tell you what it is.

  • MNVikingfan


    It sounds like a cyst and unless you pull out the sac membrane the likelihood of it refilling is high. A dermatologist has to cut it out.

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