how do you find your way back to normal when nobody is there to be your anchor? is it fair to ask somebody to be or is it better to find something else the centers you?


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • tinybagel


    I have this exact problem too. For me personally, I learned that grounding yourself in your interests and what inspires you is super helpful. The more you’re able to find things to help motivate yourself, the more that friends naturally gravitate towards wanting to help motivate you, even if you ask them. I think it’s fair if they really feel like they’re helping, especially if they can see a difference. Even reading or posting here can help ground you knowing that you aren’t alone. Hopefully some of this is helpful 💙

  • JC83


    Always reach out and talk to someone. And I've found it helpful to not focus on "normal" but rather learn how to live "next to" whatever burdens you. 🤗

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