What can i do to tell my parents i think i have depression


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  • Amir_Khan_Weesa


    This is not something to be hidden from parents. But it is rather a good idea to do so

  • Emmys


    I just told mine I feel like a ghost like my best friend did before he took his life but probably not the best idea out there because you probably shouldn’t tell your parents you feel like someone that took their life’s in the days leading up to it but I wish you the best of luck you can possibly use the feelings wheel and use those words to describe how you are feeling and be like this is why or tell them you don’t even know why and tell them it’s not their fault even if it is trust me don’t let them know if it is then they start callin you names and don’t care and it’s a whole mess

    • BlueCreature


      this isnt everybodys family but it is apart of alot of family's of people i talked to an myself personally

  • Baby_Cactus


    Honestly, just like that. “I think I’m depressed.” Be prepared for emotions to well up on both ends, but don’t let that stop you at all. If the response isn’t what you hoped, don’t let it discourage you from getting support. There’s so many programs for formal mental health support either online or on school campuses or through jobs.

  • CameronElizabeth


    If you think you're depressed, definitely get help. I hope your parents will take you seriously and help you. If they don't, please take yourself seriously. You are important. Sending you a warm hug, from me to you. 💕

  • Mallorie


    my parents didn’t believe me when i thought i was depressed until i tried to commit and they were forced to realize how bad it had gotten. try to talk to them sooner rather than later and just be honest with how you’re feeling. i’m sure they just want to make sure you’re safe and get the help you need, whatever it may be. the person who knows you best is you. don’t doubt or disregard your feelings.

  • CmcC


    It's definitely best to let the people who you care about know how you're feeling! You've got this ☺️💕

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