Does anyone else have a tendency to over think and constantly question if people actually like you or just feel sorry for you? I obsess over what people think of me, I obsess over my looks, I constantly worry that I'm being annoying, I cringe over anything that comes out of my mouth. it's gotten so bad I worry if I'm being judged by my posture. I end up losing people over my worrying. I end up losing jobs over my anxiety. sometimes my anxiety is crippling and I tend to have level 10 panic attacks multiple times a week, mostly with no triggers. I feel like my mental health is getting overwhelming and I have no reason for it to be this bad. why can't I be normal?!

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • packersfan95


    I struggle with the same things. i’m paranoid when I leave my apartment people are watching me walk across the parking lot to my car and judging just about everything about me from their windows. when i’m in public and I see two people talking I assume it’s about how my hair is messed up, I said something wrong, or my outfit is stupid. It’s mentally draining for sure

    • fairychild9807


      definitely! I hate it so much!

  • Riptide


    Oh yes...I do this over so many things. I'm s true over thinker and it definitely increases my anxiety.

  • Lyss9109


    Always! I over think and over worried about being accepted no one will accept me.

  • loki_quiet


    Yes, I feel the same on a daily basis.

  • LaurenK


    I feel the same way. My mom always makes fun of me for bringing in "strays". By strays I mean people who are worse off than me and try to help them. It makes me feel better about who I am. It makes me feel like I am worth something. I grew up being told everything I did was wrong and got in trouble for things I didn't do so now I feel like anything I do isn't good enough and I am putting myself down constantly because of it. I'm trying to work through it now and realize that I don't have to be perfect.

  • emmacs


    I feel the same way a lot like with my ocd i can only like certain people at work and everyone else is "weird" and if i interact with them then those chosen "friends" will view me as weird and i will be completely alone

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