TW: self harm

My cut marks are very very obvious and at this point I think I just want someone to genuinely ask if I am okay. Over time my cuts have gotten to be in clearer and clearer spots, more frequent and deep in desperation that someone may see my clearly fresh wounds and HELP ME. My family has paid 0 mind to this but I don’t know, man.

Sometimes I think I’m not “actually depressed” because I haven’t genuinely tried to k*ll myself?

Everyone thinks I don’t care. That I don’t care about class, or succeeding, or even them! But I do!!! I care SO much it hurts so bad.

Suicidal ideation


Self-inflicted injury

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • HarryPotter


    First off I am so sorry no has noticed. Secondly yes you can be genuinely depressed without attempting suicide. I have been depressed for I don't even know how long now but have never attempted (and don't plan to). I have also had times where people think I don't care about them because I am ignoring them. I love them I just need time to myself or just don't want to listen to them at that moment.

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