I don’t think anyone realizes with depression even tho you remove yourself from the environment ie a toxic household and when you’ve lived with that severe depression for so long and you never thought you’d make it as far you did and now your an adult that never planned to be one and so not only do you have this pressure to figure out how to get yourself in a career to make a decent living you have lack of motivation on top of that and the truth is if you don’t have motivation things don’t get done that need to and I’m making this post that if your like me a 19 year old who can’t drive and it’s been taking me years to even try to get my permit because I barely have motivation to get to work you aren’t alone if your 20 and you can’t find the motivation to get a new job or drive or make a drs appointment or do any of that stuff I see you and you are not a disappointment because u think ur behind everyone else your doing ur best rn and sometimes that’s all we can do I love you and you’re worthy of beautiful things.


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  • Hannahchlarson1


    This is the worst, I get it

    • Sunnirie


      I’m sorry you understand I wouldn’t wish it on anyone

  • bobtheuni


    It's the worst thing in the world to be behind on everything compared to everyone else in your life

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